The Edge of Your Seat – The work of Pierre Paulin

Pierre Paulin – his  forward-thinking designs, particularly his work at Artifort, feel as fresh today as they did when they were first introduced in the 1960’s.

We are all capable of creating a masterpiece, whatever the medium, whatever the form. We just need the right setting. And when you sit in one of Paulin’s chairs, you can’t help but feel that now is the time.

The sensual Tongue Chair (yellow, foreground) will capture the gaze and imagination whatever room you put it in, providing the perfect counterpoint to crisp clean lines and cosy dark shades alike. In the background, the blue Fauteuil 560 looks almost unremarkable, but only because its design has been such a source of inspiration and imitation the world over.

It’s hard not to be impressed by these extraordinary works. I particularly love the cake stand shelving unit…



“My favourite design is the one to come, either by me or by a future generation.” – Pierre Paulin


And it’s not just the chair you sit in that will help you tap into your creative stream…

Looking through today’s catalogues reminds me just how relevant Paulin’s work still is. The fact that, almost fifty years later, the inclusion of one of his works would inject any interior with a thoroughly modern, energetic buzz is testament to his lasting genius.

Written by AJ.


Astier de Villatte- The Journey…


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When I was asked if I would like to write a blog about what it feels like to sell the beautiful range of Astier de Villatte at Pad Deco I was a little nervous. Having never written a blog before, I wondered if I would be able to completely convey my feelings about my new found passion!

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 16.27.28

At Pad Deco, all products are chosen with great care and they and have just one aim, to fulfil their ‘destiny’ but I found myself particularly drawn to this new brand Astier de Villatte as soon as it arrived.


Walking along side the exquisite 7ft long French walnut table originating in a French commune from the 1800’s is where it all begins. This table houses our exclusive range of 15 candles made with the finest ingredients, each beautifully presented in a unique individually hand blown collectors piece of glass. Elegantly packed in timeless monochrome inspired packaging where even the typesetting on the product happens to have been done by the last remaining typesetter in France. Each candle sits under the embrace of a glass veil in the form of an exclusively designed bell jar signed by Astier de Villatte, this adds to the intrigue of the fragrance waiting to to be released. 


The candles are accompanied by a complimentary range of incense sticks which transform the simplest essence of any fragrance into an intoxicating attack of the senses, almost magical! Resting on the other side of the table is an extraordinary and unique range of ceramic incense burners, whether its in the shape of a Smoking Cat, the beauty of Marie Antoinette, the Perched Bird, or the simple Emilie design, each tells a story. We also have the decorous ceramic lid for the candles for the many who simply just want to keep a graceful collectors piece to admire and appreciate time after time. 

Astier de Villatte sells quite simply the most exquisite ceramics; well known Internationally from appealing to royalty and stars all over the world, to avid collectors and connoisseurs of fine ceramics, to those who simply wish to treasure that one beautiful piece. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 14.03.25

To think that this brand is like any other could not be further from the truth. Its actually now that the journey begins and the story unfolds. Having started to appreciate that each fragrance captures the essence of a particular city was for me quite a fascinating concept in itself.

The more I delved into the concept and understanding of the brand the more I felt that I was falling deeper and deeper in love with the mystery of Astier de Villatte. So if you’ll indulge me a little, i’d like to take you along on this journey and travel a little back in time……..

Astier de Villatte a Parisian brand, is situated in a small premises on the Rue St Honore (which also happens to be the name of their signature fragrance) as if being on one of the swankiest high streets in Paris where many of the largest fashion houses like Chanel and Hermes are based was not enough, their workshop was actually once owned by the silversmith of Nepolean Bonaparte!  

The brand itself was founded by Benoit Astier and Ivan Pericole in 1996 but the skills that Benoit has, were passed on from generations before. It was Benoit’s father who taught him all the ceramic techniques that set them apart from the rest and made them a sought after brand, whether it be their world renowned ceramics, fragrance, glassware or cutlery. 

Each ceramic item is hand crafted from the finest black clay, lightly glazing each piece allowing you to still see parts of the clay creating a very unique look. Specialised techniques used by their skilled team give each finished piece an element of almost deliberate imperfection which only adds to making each piece even more uniquely desirable. Every single piece, big and small, bears the initials of the maker.

Venturing a little deeper, I wanted to explore the fragrances. The journey of discovery, which is literally a journey around the world, continued to entice me; for example the fragrance Cabourg is not only a sea side resort on the Normandy Coast but also the beginning of this story.

Cabourg is a chic, glorious and romantic sea side resort where the Palatial Grand Hotel stands. Its gardens are famous for their hanging clusters of fragrant flowers exuding aromas of wisteria and bursts of creamy jasmine accented by the freshness of the ocean spray. These gardens were frequented by Marcel Proust a famous novelist from the early 1900’s and it was in these gardens that he would sit for inspiration and it was here that he wrote his internationally acclaimed novel ‘Within a Budding Grove’. An inspirational quote from Marcel Proust “If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time”, some food for thought!

The journey continues to the Grand Chalet. This fragrance encapsulates the swiss alpine pastures and the enchanted fragrances of milk and honey with hints of citrus from the nearby surrounding ancient lime trees. This fragrance sits in the heart of a small village surrounding a magnificent wooden Grand Chalet, one of the oldest and largest chalets in Switzerland. Being totally captivated with his surroundings, it was here that the famous French modern artist Balthasar Klossowski de Rola better known as Balthus, made his home with his ceramicist wife Stsuko. Today, like a wonderful memory his favourite perfume still continues to fill this place.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 10.23.16

One of Balthus’s obsessions were cats and it was the famous ‘Smoking Cat’ created by Astier de Villatte that was Balthus inspired and was made in collaboration with Balthus’s wife Setsuko. So this Smoking Cat is a piece of Balthus, Astier de Villatte and Setsuko all rolled into one. How amazing is that!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 13.23.42

The fragrance Stockholm represents the  interlaced lanes and cobblestones in this pastel and earthy old city, hiding the secret address of the famous Swedish Bitters Elixir. King Gustav II would give this elixir to his army of Viking warriors to render then invincible. It was an inebriating mixture of wild plants,with clove, lavandin, myrrh, vetiver and clary sage that would escape from the bottle. It was this fragrance that was associated with the Elixir of Power and the fragrance of that Elixir that Astier has captured. How fascinating!

I don’t know of any other brand of fragrant candles and incenses that can take you on a journey of this kind, or even claim to be able to tell you such enchanting stories at all; I have only touched on a few of these seductive scents but I invite you come to Pad Deco and make some sensory discoveries of your own.

I can’t wait to meet those of you who are a little curious and would love to join me on this journey and as for as how I feel about selling this wonderful brand? Well, I’m going to let you be the judge of what you think selling Astier de Villatte means to me!

By Ruqia Hayat

La Maison Favart – A Theatrical Jewel Box in The Heart Of Paris!

Paris – 1745

Charles-Simon FAVART, director of the Comic Opera, is captivated by the young actress Justine DURONCERAY known as “Mademoiselle CHANTILLY”, during a stage performance of “Les Fêtes Publiques”.

Justine and Charles were married on the 12th of December of that very year. So began the incredible story of the most famous couple in the history of Parisian theatre: Monsieur and Madame FAVART…


couldn’t resist sharing this little gem of hotel with you. We stayed here during our last visit to Maison & Objet, the trade show in Paris and its interior completely blew me away. It wasn’t just the finishes but more of how the designers had cleverly touched on the love story and the theatrical history of its original owners. I’m a sucker for romance anyway and i’m easily seduced by romantic interiors; often interior design doesn’t seem to reflect romance at all which I think is a shame, to be honest i’m not a big fan of contrived interiors and although there has been a definite plan here, the result is effortlessly charming.


This hotel feels like it was a home and to a degree, still feels that way. Its glam but not overly, its chic but not overly but above all it has oodles of charm. Its interior design is both entertaining and seductive, moody tones of grey and black are seduced by soft rose pink and fruity lime green and cleverly placed antique furniture, works of art and slightly shabby gilt mirrors create an eclectic yet orderly interior, a skill that the French are very adept at and us mere mortals can only dream about…..

Another element that I love is the obvious play on traditional French skills; the use of embroidery, Passementerie (tassels and trimmings) and the wonderfully deceptive art of Trompe L’oeil shown so beautifully and delicately in the Favart’s dining room.



IMG_0821Above all, you really get to feel the love story of the Favart’s, you can imagine the grandeur, the playfulness and the shenanigans that went on here in the early days, it’s a complete must and its interior is totally seductive, what’s not to love when you’re in the most romantic city in the world!

Written by Penelope Allen – Interior Designer

Come Fly with us, lets fly, lets fly away…

It’s quite appropriate really; I’m writing this blog while sitting on the Eurostar on my way to Paris, on of my most favourite cities in the World.
I’m excited about this trip to Paris as it’s the second trip we are making as buyers for the shop and of course, who wouldn’t relish a buying trip to Paris?

Actually, it’s a bit like coming home for me really, I’ve always felt myself to be somewhat of a Francophile and I always without fail get butterflies in my tummy when I’m heading for France. Actually Paris and Nice are my two main French love affairs of the moment but the list is pretty endless list of places in France that I totally love.


Not so long ago my Mother and I went to Paris together with a scrummy little book under our arm entitled “Paris Made by Hand” by Pia Bijkerk we set off on a mini voyage of discovery wandering through the various arrondissements in search of beautifully crafted ‘one-offs’ that would be exciting additions to Pad Deco. It was during this visit that we discovered some real gems, beautiful boutiques full of old apothecary cabinets crammed with reams of vibrant trims, tassels and vintage silks, we were in absolute heaven.

This trip is not quite so romantic as its been planned out with specific suppliers that we want to visit and our order book is the only thing that we are carrying on this occasion. Never the less it’s exciting as we know that what we chose on this trip will be sitting in our shop before Christmas which is doubly exciting as I do actually believe that Pad Deco is one of the best shops on the planet!!

Nostalgia plays a huge part in how we style Pad Deco; for me, the feeling that is evoked when you walk in to the shop is reminiscent of some of my past travels. The jewel coloured slightly dimmed lighting makes me think of Istanbul and some of the souks that I’ve visited in places like Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Riyadh. The luxurious sheepskins always remind me of a really freezing cold trip I made to Montreal some years back where we wrapped ourselves in sheepskin capes whilst having a hot chocolate outside a cafe.

New York

I worked in India on and off some years ago and there were a group of fabulous tailors who used to be waiting at the hotel in Mumbai for us when we arrived, they would have swatches of leather and suede in every colour that you could imagine and after a quick measure up would be back three or four days later with beautifully made coats, jackets, anything really that was on our list, our fine selection of leather goods, flasks, coolers, log baskets always remind me of the happy band of Indian Tailors.

Whilst I’m in the nostalgic mood, I should make mention of the reminiscing that I so often do when thinking about family and that warm set of arms that so defines support, love and carefreeness. I know that I’ve been lucky on this score and not everyone has been as fortunate with their family ties but what I can say is that when you enter our store, we want you, our customers, to feel that warm set of arms around you, not in a creepy way you understand!!!, that makes you stop and feel nostalgic just for that brief moment in your day, whether its family, a certain Christmas spent in your cottage under 10 feet of snow or just listening to a blast of Sinatra in the shop that takes you back to a certain time or place.


Nostalgia, warmth, butterflies in the tummy, a sense of belonging and cultural delights , thats us in a nutshell and I think our new and totally fabulous website 100% conveys that, I am so proud of how the site looks and even though I’ve had a hand in designing it, I think it’s an amazing representation of our brand. We love it and we really hope that you enjoy the journey when you first get to see it!

Penelope Allen – Director/Pad Deco

The Epitome of French Style

The Epitome of French Style 

Mademoiselle Allen – ecoutez s’il vous plait! My French teacher Madame Thomas inviting me to pay attention to the verbs of the day; I was far away walking amid French markets and rummaging through brocantes, inspired by images on the back of my text book! Even as a child I was intrigued by the fact that we were geographically so close to France yet our way of life seemed so different. Mrs Thomas had a lovely French accent and even when I was being reprimanded (which was pretty often) she had a way of making it sound intriguing, exciting and even romantic.IMG_0601(Picture courtesy of Moisonnier)

Starting young…..

We holidayed regularly in France as children, starting North and venturing further south with each visit as we became more enticed by the French and their way of life. As a family, we progressed from holidays under canvas, I think Dad had enough of putting the tent up in 30oC .. We started to frequent small hotels near Parisian boulevards or rural village squares, even tiny chambres d’hote on the glittering Côte d’Azur.

I marvelled in the surroundings of Mme Murcia’s Parisian salon, which was every bit as grand as she was. Very chic with smart curtains hanging at tall windows, chipped gilt framed mirrors and, although a bit worn, elegant Louis XIV style chairs, strategically placed. It all looked as if it was absolutely intended to be there but in a random and slightly shabby sort of way. I loved it and lingered there, taking it all in.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 17.42.08
French Commode (Picture courtesy of Maisons du Monde)

I suppose it would be fair to say that my love of French style began here in Mme Murcia’s grand salon, I was intrigued by the lack of contrivance or specific planning. My perception of French style has, however, changed over the years and I have noted with interest that, as trends come and go, the one certainty that remains is that the French style has exercised great influence on the international interiors scene. Links with French history have also continued to influence our interiors styles, with even the most contemporary of today’s schemes including one or two well- loved pieces with French origins.

IMG_0654Coco Chanel’s Classic Style

Todays’ Styles…

When we consider the French Interior styles of today, we would probably associate them with elements of sophistication, classic glamour and being utterly timeless. We all aspire to attain that certain “Je ne sais quoi” both in our homes and of course in our wardrobes, the legendary Coco Chanel has injected glamour in to both haute couture and home couture with her pared back classic style.

The French continue to influence and set interior trends in a more minimalist and yet quirkier way; famous designers such as Philippe Starck, managed to change the Louis chair to a must have within interior projects with his highly desirable Ghost chair being very much coveted.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 17.45.38Ghost Chairs (Picture courtesy of

The French design house of Roche Bobois bring their own take to French Home interiors with Les Contemporains collection focusing on current trends and creativity and Les Nouveaux Classiques collections reflecting the more traditional side of French design.

Whatever our style, be it classic or contemporary, whether we live in period or modern properties, French style has its place and with some clever thought and a little courage, that certain Je ne sais quoi is not so far away!

Written by Penelope Allen – Interior Designer Pad Deco

IMG_2445Get inspired! (Photo courtesy of Pad Deco)

(Cover photo courtesy of Roche Bobois)

The Rise of Ceramics – Today’s Must Have Accessory

The rise of ceramics in Interior decoration…

The popularity of handmade, unique ceramics has been on the rise for sometime now and shows no sign of stopping or even slowing down. The handmade revolution could be seen as a partial back-lash from the mass produced and often made abroad with not necessarily with much consideration for the designer, process or environment. This has resulted in the up-surge of products made, not just in ceramic, by hand. Designed by a human, crafted with hands and limited machinery, there is a person behind the idea from conception to actuality. We can attribute the revival to many factors, including the rise of the internet and online-selling sights, artists/makers in the public eye, the notion of nostalgia and vintage, as well as the recession.

wall piece 2015(Image: Justine Allison)


Access to the broad world of ceramics is incredibly easy today through the V&A’s permanent Ceramic gallery, which opened in 2009/10. The Contemporary Ceramics Centre, in the Bloomsbury area of London, has an ever changing display of contemporary studio ceramics, whilst York will become home to the ground-breaking new Centre of Ceramic Art, opening in August.

Here, in Cardiff, we are very lucky at the moment to be within a stones throw away from the National Museum Cardiff, home to the #Fragile? exhibition, which explores the beauty and diversity of ceramic practice. Open until October, this collection showcases some of Wales’s elite potters and ceramicists, from Walter Keeler, Adam Buick, Lowri Davies and Claire Curneen, to traditional and worldly pieces from Pablo Picasso, Felicity Aylieff and others.


(Image: Adam Buick, video still and pot) 

Contemporary design trade and craft fairs are regular events throughout the creative calendar: In 2014 there were over 50 fairs/shows/festivals around the world, and in the UK there were 5 alone specialising in ceramics. So wherever you are in Great Britain, you can be sure of accessing a small portion of historical or contemporary clay culture. Cardiff will also host ‘Made By Hand’, an annual contemporary craft selling event at the end of October.

Must have accessory

The handmade notion has become very desirable for lots of people. The ability to support a small business, a designer maker following their creative dream, by purchasing and housing a small piece of their talent and skill is becoming an interior must-have. We all love to have something different, that piece that nobody else has.


(Image: Louisa Taylor)

Unlike the purchase of clothing or jewellery, which can be worn intermittently or for special occasions, a purchase of the ceramic kind is an investment for you and your home; how we decorate our houses and choose beautiful items to surround ourselves in snd to use, is an extension of our personality. The developmental process of one’s home is not a frequent a process as is the wardrobe we change into and out of daily. By buying a piece of ceramic for your home, you are stating your very high regard for it and the belief that your desire for it will not change as intermittently. It might be considered to be of value years down the line, it may be something one passes onto the next generation. To have something as unique as a piece of hand-crafted earth, dug from the ground, designed, moulded and fired; unique and as individual as we are.

Current ceramic trends

Hot trends at the moment include ‘construction/deconstruction’, ‘fairytale/fantasy’ ‘ceramic and?/mixed media’ and ‘blue/white’:

‘Construction/Deconstruction/Reconstruction’: Make, remake, tear down, add a bit, take it away. Exploring the material, pushing it to its limits, using it as a vehicle to represent something else, i.e. paper, fabric, etc. 110513_CarinaCiscato_2011_0033(Image: Carina Ciscato)

‘Fairytale/Fantasy’: Inspired by stories, story-telling, myths and legends. Coarsely constructed, delicate in detail, colourful , playful and evocative.

‘Ceramic and ?/Mixed media’: The inclusion of another material/object: nails, wire, string, cord, fabric, glass, wood. Aids interaction between customer/viewer and designer/maker.

‘Blue/White’: Traditional colours seeing a revival; in manufacturing, larger scale terms as well as from smaller designers/makers. Willow pattern given a new lease of life with simpler shapes and patterns. Comforting and memorable.

My inspiration?

I am lucky to be working in a shared studio (‘Fireworks Clay studios’) in the heart of Cardiff, surrounded by incredibly talented ceramic designers such as Lowri Davies, Sara Moorhouse and Jin Eui Kim, to name but a few. I found myself in this city nearly 3 years ago, having applied for the Graduate Residency programme at Fireworks. 3 years on, I’m still here, I have a permanent studio space and am slowly but surely building up my business. (‘Louise Hall Ceramics’ should you wish to check me out!).

'Paavirkning Forms' (Image: Louise Hall)

My work attempts to surprise and delight the viewer/buyer by challenging preconceptions about porcelain. Inspired by fabric and paper I create a range of pieces which are slumped, beaten, manipulated and just a little bit imperfect! Colour, texture and pattern plays a vital role also, encouraging interaction. Each piece is hand-built using thin slabs, working from various paper templates. I manipulate them by hand therefore the phrase ‘no two pieces are the same’ is very apt; although perhaps similar in shape, each will differ due to the force, positioning and timing of the instantaneous contact between man and material.

3 tips for choosing

Go with: your gut- Was it the first thing that grabbed your attention? Is it the piece you keep going back to?

Go with: how it feels in your hands- Ceramics are meant to be touched and interacted with (unless behind a chord in a museum..!). Is the texture particularly appealing? Have you learnt more about it with your hands than just your eyes?

Go with: it…just because you love it!


(Image: Lowri Davies)

Written by Louise Hall – Pad Deco Team

Dramatic Pieces for your Twelfth Night!

Join the Lord Chamberlain’s Men this summer to see Shakespeare’s best-loved romantic comedy, Twelfth Night. A joyous tale of love, laughter, mischief, mayhem and mistaken identity.

With identical twins separated by shipwreck, a cross-dressing heroine and everyone in search of love, Twelfth Night is one of the most famous and tangled love stories in literature.  

TLCM Twelfth Night Photo 2

Throw in drunken lords, a grouchy fool and a practical joke that goes too far and the stage is set for hilarity and chaos to reign! Could true love blossom amongst this madness? Will the twins be reunited? Can a man really look good in yellow stockings?

TLCM Twelfth Night Photo 1

Just like theatre, great design cannot be rushed. It’s about putting together the right pieces, ensuring everything is in the right place and bringing it all together to create an atmosphere that’s inspiring; creating a room that you will not only love, but will want to give a standing ovation to every time you enter.


What makes something great? It’s the ability to unleash a sense of magic, wonder and uniqueness. As this play states,“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness.” At Pad Deco we are continuously sourcing incredible pieces of design from all over the world, embracing originality and nurturing creativity. We are assisting our customers and clients with their interior projects helping them to achieve greatness in their own homes.

IMG_1790Pad deco- Cardiff51213v3IMG_2754

Cardiff Castle is steeped in history and intrigue and the perfect setting for a performance of this masterpiece of British theatre. Although at Pad Deco we can’t offer tales of mistaken identity or tangled love stories, we can show you how to bring drama and emotion into your home with the wonderful collections we have in store. From bold hypnotic prints to lighting that can evoke a wealth of emotions, your home will be spell binding, not just on the twelfth night but always.

The Twelfth Night is being performed at the Cardiff Castle on 26-27 June.


Launch, Engage, Grow – The Story of our Opening


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We can’t believe it’s a month since we launched, it seems as though time is moving at such a rapid rate that we haven’t had time to take a breath.  We decided early on that we were going to ‘launch’ the store with two events, one dedicated to the press, the second to key people in South Wales who worked in the industry or who would spread the word of our store.  So where did we start?

We had spoken to our content agency about the events and they came up with a fantastic design for the invitations which really captured the essence of PAD Deco.  Andrea Morgan of Citrus Content “We searched through many invite designs for inspiration, Pinterest is an fantastic resource for this.  Eventually we found a collection of origami invites which we felt were really quirky and therefore would be memorable.”

Pad Deco Invite

Each invite was hand folded and placed in a small box decorated in gold with our hummingbird logo.  One of our guests described it as “a beautifully designed and handmade origami invitation which appeared to float out of its magical box to open in the palm of your hand.”  Each boxed invite was them lovingly packed and sent to our list of guests.

Packed pad deco invite

Press Preview Evening

Spring was in the air, both inside the PAD Deco store and shining through the roof top windows of Cardiff’s Castle Arcade. As the guests arrived they were greeted with a glass of Prosecco and a selection of canapés from Madame Fromage, our new neighbour and fine cheese specialists. One by one the guests stepped through the door as if they were walking in to Alice’s Wonderland, their eyes wide open not knowing where to look first. Then it began, stories of the exclusive designers were told, favourite pieces were chosen and each guest was introduced to the PAD Deco family. Flashes of porcelain from Paris coupled with Spanish leather oozed through the store which matched perfectly with unique creations from local welsh designers. Pictures were taken and notes were scribbled down and each press member wrote of their first but certainly not last PAD Deco encounter.

Pad deco press launch

Unbeknown to our invited guests we had been working hard behind the scenes to put together a wonderful goodie bag for our honoured guests.  These special bags were token gifts from many our our designers to celebrate the launch.  Some of our incredible designers even created one off pieces exclusively for the event.  Needless to say these goodie bags were one of a kind.

Goodie Bags

VIP Evening

The VIP guests were a mixture of carefully chosen industry professionals, key influential people and friends of PAD Deco. The excitement began as tweets and posts flew around as the guests showed off their personal invites almost teasing their followers who were yet to know about PAD Deco? All was revealed as the VIP guests arrived at the Victorian Castle Arcade, once again we welcomed them with Prosecco and canapés filled with Welsh cheese and meats that would have the guests asking the servers for “just one more bite”! Inside we were very proud as we watched our guests discover our collections and ask our team questions.  Conversations between old friends and new friends filled the room as tales of how PAD Deco was born were told. Each team member had their own story to tell and now so would our guests.

Pad Deco vip launch

We are open, PAD Deco has established its home in the heart of Cardiff.  As our guests trickled out to the illustrious hustle and bustle of St Mary’s Street we knew the word would spread of a new must have experience.  PAD Deco has become not just an interiors store but a style trend for its new customers and those to be welcomed in the future.

Discover The Tracy Kendall Wallpaper collection at Pad Deco


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We have been officially open for a little over three weeks, and have finally been able to reveal our feature wall by wallpaper designer Tracy Kendall.


After weeks of hints and close up shots we are very proud of not only Tracy’s sequinned wallpaper creation but we are also lucky enough to have an exclusive Tracy Kendall  Sample Book in store. Our team and in house designer are on hand to work with you through choosing your style and design that works best for your home.

Textures, Patterns, Text, before we guide you through these inspired designs we start by getting to know Tracy who has also shared with us some tips of her own.

Elle Decoration BDA Winners 2013.

Tracy, have you always had a passion for design?

I remember at infant school, when I was 5 or 6, doing a very large painting of a tree which was then put up in the school hallway, think my fate was sealed from then onwards.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Like lots of designers I get inspiration from everywhere, buildings, fashion, films. Quite often it’s a layering of information rather than just one single source that makes a design which then helps to give the design a more complex and complete structure.

How would you describe your style of design?

I’ve recently had a friend call me a modernist which I think suits me well for design. I do often reference and pay homage to the past but the outcome of my design is modern.


How did you start your business?

Like many designers I started by making something for myself at home and it grew from there. In some ways it’s how I still design for the collection, I have to love the design and want it for myself so that when I sell it, others can pick up on that passion for the wallpaper designs.

We are proud to have your pieces featured in our store.  What encouraged you to agree to come on board?

Penelope has such a great enthusiasm and passion for design it was an easy decision to make.

What do you see as the key trends for 2015?

People getting more confident in their own choices of design for their own homes. There is so much good design and so much advice available that more and more people are taking control of their own interiors and wanting to express themselves through them.


How should we use one of your creations in our homes?

Use my wallpapers as part of the whole scheme, you should feeling happy and confident with all the elements you put together in a room and my wallpapers can be a part of that whole scheme.

Thank you Tracy for sharing your story with us.

Discover Tracy’s designs and our wealth of incredible wallpaper collections in store.  Our design team have a wealth of knowledge, come in store to work, chat and learn with our creative team.

The Start of Something New


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Sometimes we can’t truly believe this day has come, the opening of Pad Deco, our first store, woohoo! What an emotional journey too. Not that we ever doubted we could get here but more a case of when you have dreamed of something for so long and then you find yourself standing there seeing it, come to life before your eyes, it’s an incredible feeling.  As an Interior Designer, I always get this overwhelming sense of pride when I see a project come to an end and see the reaction on my clients face.  But this feeling was greater somehow, maybe its because this time it was way more personal.


We have been open a couple of weeks now and the wonderful team we have put together have quickly found their feet.  Our store is a space that we want customers to feel comfortable in and feel happy to explore the glorious pieces that we have on offer. Our design hub also offers our customers the chance to pick the brains of our in house design team to and ask questions and get advice and tips.  We know this is a different way of thinking, as most businesses only want to sell to you where as we want to educate as well. So in a sense our store is already becoming a ‘hub’ and so far we have plenty of ‘Cardiff Creatives’ as well as customers who want some design know how.

Now we have opened our doors, our next challenge is to spread the word, so we have two events planned within the next few weeks.  We will give you more details on these soon.  But if you haven’t had time to come along for a visit, let us take you for a quick tour……..

Our PAD Deco design team, ready to help and guide you through all your design and interior needs.


The have a wealth of fabric and wallpaper books to inspire your imagination.


Within the store we have a projector showing classic films from Cinema Paradiso to High Society, it has been a massive hit.  I wonder which one we will be screening when you arrive?


We have a live twitter feed in store, and we encourage all our visitors to tweet and even take a selfie.  It’s a really fun way to interact with everyone.


But what about the products themselves?  Well here is a small look, but as for the rest, you will just have come and discover for yourself!


We look forward to seeing you soon.