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When a new business starts we are always curious about how it began and who the people are behind it.  Every business has a beginning and our story is full of passion, love, drama and exciting foreign adventures.

Let us begin

Once upon a time there lived in Surrey a savvy interior designer, she loved her work and so did her clients.  She had won many international awards but there was something missing.


One day she met a frog who lived in Cardiff.  This frog (with Liverpudlian accent) quickly managed to grab the attention of our savvy designer and she began to realise he wasn’t a frog, he was actually a Prince.  The Prince was a ruler in the world of training and empowerment, and together the Prince and the designer had an idea……

Their idea turned into a vision….

And soon their vision started to become a reality…

Together they were going to create a captivating environment that would capture the imagination and fascinate all who entered.


So where would this Surrey designer and Cardiff Prince create their magical store?  Filled with fascinating stores that excite all of your senses, from delicious delights to delectable treats, there was only one home for our visionaries – Cardiff’s Castle Quarter.

Their castle secure they set foot on their quest to find unique and incredible finds, this adventure took them across the UK, Europe and onto the Americas.  They discovered artisans, designers and a wealth of incredible finds.  Suddenly PAD Deco was coming alive…….

Coming Soon

We will be launching in March and can’t wait to share our beautiful home and lifestyle collections with you.

Let’s meet the heroes of our tale:

about_us_pennySavvy Interior Design AKA Penelope Allen

Penny is the inspiration behind the innovative design consultancy, Penelope Allen Design. With a variety of commissions in residential and commercial interior design, her company’s desire is always to offer innovative and stylish design solutions which pay truly impressive attention to detail.  Penny has won many awards over the years including the prestigious International Design Awards 2013, entries from over 28 countries from across the world were submitted and Penny proudly won the Residential category.  It is this passion for residential design that she is bringing to PAD Deco

photoFrog turned Prince AKA Joe Lloyd

After years of working in the fields of engineering and training, he saw an educational gap in the sector and decided to form his own company, QTS Training Ltd from a small office at home.  Through hard work and determination the company grew to become an award winning business with a multimillion pound turn over.  Joe has since sold his company and now acts as a consultant.  Joe will be brining to PAD Deco his astute business acumen together which is desire to nurture talent.

PAD Deco is not just an interiors store, it is an experience.