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When we first had the idea of creating Pad Deco, we knew that the success of our idea would depend greatly upon where we would make our home. We knew that we wanted charm and character and ideally an architectural style that would harmonise with our brand and ethos.

When we arrived at Castle Arcade, we knew that we had found something special; the history of the arcade impressed us and its proximity to the Castle was a big bonus in terms of incorporating Cardiff’s heritage and beauty.

Castle ArcadeTaking on number 35, an attractive double fronted shop with lovely period features, carries with it a sense of obligation to decorate it in a way that pays homage to those features. Our challenge as a creative business is to harmonise the heritage with a design led approach that perfectly reflects the brand of Pad Deco and allows us to show the people of Cardiff what we are all about.

Who said interior design was easy?…we are often involved in residential and commercial projects and we have in fact won awards for our great design ideas. However, ask any designer and they will tell you that designing for themselves is not quite so easy; emotion tends to get in the way and objectivity tends to go right out of the window!

We had quite strong ideas about the look that we wanted for Pad Deco, it had to be funky, trendsetting, contemporary and vibrant, so how were we going to create that in a Victorian arcade and a shop full of period features?  Those of you who have read our recent blog on Trends for 2015 will have noted that we predict an eclectic interior style will be big this year and this is the way that we have approached the “deco” at Pad Deco!pad deco fabrics

The design team sat down with sketch books to start with and we all threw ideas into the hat that we wanted to bring to the overall design. The result was a dark and moody backdrop, acid and jewel- like colours, an abundance of sequins (who’s idea was that!) aromatic scents, soft sheepskins to laze around on, industrial lighting, huge angle floor lamps, funky fabrics, couture style fashion, customer interactive areas and most importantly pure quality, nothing mass produced.

Instead of trying to narrow down the teams list, we decided to say yes to everything and face the challenge of creating an enticing and exciting environment that would work with all of our wish list. Numerous parcels have arrived, we all stand over them excitedly when the various creations are lifted from their beautiful wrappings and we acknowledge that slowly but surely we are witnessing the birth of Pad Deco, which we all know as a brand is going to be Fab-u-lous!

So back to progress, we have colour on the walls, lovely polished floors, antique glass embellished displays, industrial lighting and parcels bearing postmarks of far away places full of exciting creations that are just waiting to be displayed, hold on to your hats guys, Pad Deco is on its way!!