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istock_000009746704smallTo be honest I’ve never been any good at cooking, and even though I’ve lived on my own for many years, since I was 17 in fact, I just never got around to learning this fine art. I do hope one day, and I feel quite confident in this, that I will excel in this area, or at least be able keep my beautiful lady happy and content with my culinary skills!

However, ask me about Project managing a construction site and dealing with the many facets of creating a building from the ground to the roof then I will tell you that to me, this is a walk in the park, or is that a piece of cake!

Creating Pad Deco reminds me of these two areas, at times I feel comfortable and in control of what needs to be achieved. I can close my eyes and see everything that needs to be done and addressed. Planning effectively and efficiently comes quite naturally to me and I can see the road ahead and plot the route. Then the culinary side arrives, I freeze, unsure of the way forward, and like a child afraid of a dark room, find every excuse not to go that way.

In creating Pad Deco, at times, I feel I’ve been on both ends of this seesaw, sometimes I feel like I have things in hand and then I’m struggling to keep all the balls in the air. Like most scary rides though, there is real pleasure and a thrill to the whole experience.

Thephoto good thing for Pad Deco is that where all my weaknesses lie, Penny’s strengths come in to play, consequently we make a cohesive duo. Although the culinary skills have not been acquired just yet, I know that to make an unforgettable dish, it takes many ingredients, so just like Pad Deco will hopefully be an unforgettable experience for many, it will take many different components to make this gastronomical delight.

The excitement for me has been building over the last few weeks, to see products arriving and the fit out nearly complete, the shop has started to have a real Identity. Pad Deco will not be just a retail outfit, It will be a place of support for anyone who is trying to create a better environment for themselves, whatever their budget. I’d say we spend 65% to 75% of our lives in our homes but how many of us have the skills to really get the best out of our spaces. There is clear evidence that creating a better living space undoubtedly promotes a feeling of well being and harmony and this is something we really want to help people with at Pad Deco. I think that creating an educational and empowering experience at Pad Deco will be a rewarding journey for all concerned.

Oh and I will definitely move on from beans on toast, promise!

Joseph Lloyd, PAD Deco Partner