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The days are ticking by and our opening day is getting closer. As you can imagine we are in a state of utter excitement as well as being a little stressed, OK very stressed, with the amount we still have to do. We know many of you have been following our journey on social media and some of you have been asking questions. We thought it would be great to put all these questions together in one post so you can discover more about PAD Deco.

Penny, you’ve never lived or worked in Cardiff before, what excites you about bringing PAD Deco to the city?

I was really impressed with Cardiff when I first visited three years ago. I was unaware of its cosmopolitan vibe and its really creative scene which of course I totally buy in to. I also love the combination of Cardiff’s cultural diversity and its historical presence, I am so excited to be bringing Pad Deco here.

The store is beginning to take shape, what has been the most rewarding part so far?

Its been a real journey for Joe and I, Pad Deco has almost risen like a Phoenix from an embryo of an idea that we had sitting in my garden in Surrey last year. We have travelled far and wide looking for really different products and met some amazing people on the way. Seeing all these boxes arrive with foreign post marks and remembering the talented makers that we met has been really rewarding for me.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

Personally, the biggest challenge for me has been designing and monitoring the shop fit-out whilst having to keep on top of our interior design work in the South East. I guess its what we do anyway as part of our job but I do like to keep a steady eye on projects as they evolve and I have had to rely on Skype and visuals quite a lot. Its great though because its actually looking even better than I had envisaged.

Why is it so important to you both that PAD Deco is more than just a store?

I don’t think that Joe and I ever decided to set Pad Deco up as just a store, for us its a brand and the store is the vehicle for the brand, the beginning of the Pad Deco journey if you like. OK, its true we want our customers to come in and hopefully buy some beautiful products but we really want them to feel like they belong to something special. We are very keen to demystify interior design and hopefully highlight how accessible creating a beautiful home can be and not with the perceived high price tag. Pad Deco in Cardiff will become a hub for people to hang out and chat about creative stuff, we will offer interactive area’s for our customers and most importantly have a great team who will be super pleased to encourage and support our customers!

Joe, Can you give an insight into the nurturing part of the business?

I feel that there are many stores, outlets and on-line shops at our fingertips but I’m not always convinced that they all meet the needs of the customer.

I believe that the customer is not being informed, supported or being made aware of their own potential when it comes to making choices and purchasing items for their homes and lifestyle.

What does a road or bridge offer? A way of getting from one place to another, it can transport you to somewhere yet still undiscovered, a place where you can unearth different possibilities.

I feel that the interior design industry can sometimes seem like a distant place, unattainable to us mere mortals, and although the design world might try to venture into our world, generally it seems that great interior design is mostly out of our reach.

We want to create a better route, a strong bridge, a more inclusive journey for those who are keen to embrace design but currently feel that its just for the wealthy. We will be providing support, advice and educational services to our customers to help them access great interior design and above all knowledge!

The store is beginning to take shape, what has been the most rewarding part so far?

The products arriving have really excited us as we have worked hard to source fantastic items that are really unique. Its been quite odd sometimes, I think its been like trying to do a jigsaw puzzle in the dark, you can feel the different shapes but your not really sure what goes where, but when the products showed up it was like someone had put a light on and you can see how all the pieces fit together! The other really rewarding experience has been interviewing some excited and gifted potential staff who have really bought into the Pad Deco ethos and what Penny and I are trying to create here in Cardiff, its been very refreshing.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

Taking myself away to do other work, when really I want to just concentrate on Pad Deco

What is PAD Deco’s USP?

To educate, support and guide the customer to a better style of living.

What will customers experience when they visit your store?

A sense of belonging and great advice.

You have given some insight into the store on the blog and social media, are you keeping some things a surprise?

Yes, and the rest is a secret!!

When are you hoping to open?

25th of March

And Finally……..

“Pad Deco is the Jim Morrison of the Interior design world”


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