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We can’t believe it’s a month since we launched, it seems as though time is moving at such a rapid rate that we haven’t had time to take a breath.  We decided early on that we were going to ‘launch’ the store with two events, one dedicated to the press, the second to key people in South Wales who worked in the industry or who would spread the word of our store.  So where did we start?

We had spoken to our content agency about the events and they came up with a fantastic design for the invitations which really captured the essence of PAD Deco.  Andrea Morgan of Citrus Content “We searched through many invite designs for inspiration, Pinterest is an fantastic resource for this.  Eventually we found a collection of origami invites which we felt were really quirky and therefore would be memorable.”

Pad Deco Invite

Each invite was hand folded and placed in a small box decorated in gold with our hummingbird logo.  One of our guests described it as “a beautifully designed and handmade origami invitation which appeared to float out of its magical box to open in the palm of your hand.”  Each boxed invite was them lovingly packed and sent to our list of guests.

Packed pad deco invite

Press Preview Evening

Spring was in the air, both inside the PAD Deco store and shining through the roof top windows of Cardiff’s Castle Arcade. As the guests arrived they were greeted with a glass of Prosecco and a selection of canapés from Madame Fromage, our new neighbour and fine cheese specialists. One by one the guests stepped through the door as if they were walking in to Alice’s Wonderland, their eyes wide open not knowing where to look first. Then it began, stories of the exclusive designers were told, favourite pieces were chosen and each guest was introduced to the PAD Deco family. Flashes of porcelain from Paris coupled with Spanish leather oozed through the store which matched perfectly with unique creations from local welsh designers. Pictures were taken and notes were scribbled down and each press member wrote of their first but certainly not last PAD Deco encounter.

Pad deco press launch

Unbeknown to our invited guests we had been working hard behind the scenes to put together a wonderful goodie bag for our honoured guests.  These special bags were token gifts from many our our designers to celebrate the launch.  Some of our incredible designers even created one off pieces exclusively for the event.  Needless to say these goodie bags were one of a kind.

Goodie Bags

VIP Evening

The VIP guests were a mixture of carefully chosen industry professionals, key influential people and friends of PAD Deco. The excitement began as tweets and posts flew around as the guests showed off their personal invites almost teasing their followers who were yet to know about PAD Deco? All was revealed as the VIP guests arrived at the Victorian Castle Arcade, once again we welcomed them with Prosecco and canapés filled with Welsh cheese and meats that would have the guests asking the servers for “just one more bite”! Inside we were very proud as we watched our guests discover our collections and ask our team questions.  Conversations between old friends and new friends filled the room as tales of how PAD Deco was born were told. Each team member had their own story to tell and now so would our guests.

Pad Deco vip launch

We are open, PAD Deco has established its home in the heart of Cardiff.  As our guests trickled out to the illustrious hustle and bustle of St Mary’s Street we knew the word would spread of a new must have experience.  PAD Deco has become not just an interiors store but a style trend for its new customers and those to be welcomed in the future.