Join the Lord Chamberlain’s Men this summer to see Shakespeare’s best-loved romantic comedy, Twelfth Night. A joyous tale of love, laughter, mischief, mayhem and mistaken identity.

With identical twins separated by shipwreck, a cross-dressing heroine and everyone in search of love, Twelfth Night is one of the most famous and tangled love stories in literature.  

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Throw in drunken lords, a grouchy fool and a practical joke that goes too far and the stage is set for hilarity and chaos to reign! Could true love blossom amongst this madness? Will the twins be reunited? Can a man really look good in yellow stockings?

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Just like theatre, great design cannot be rushed. It’s about putting together the right pieces, ensuring everything is in the right place and bringing it all together to create an atmosphere that’s inspiring; creating a room that you will not only love, but will want to give a standing ovation to every time you enter.


What makes something great? It’s the ability to unleash a sense of magic, wonder and uniqueness. As this play states,“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness.” At Pad Deco we are continuously sourcing incredible pieces of design from all over the world, embracing originality and nurturing creativity. We are assisting our customers and clients with their interior projects helping them to achieve greatness in their own homes.

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Cardiff Castle is steeped in history and intrigue and the perfect setting for a performance of this masterpiece of British theatre. Although at Pad Deco we can’t offer tales of mistaken identity or tangled love stories, we can show you how to bring drama and emotion into your home with the wonderful collections we have in store. From bold hypnotic prints to lighting that can evoke a wealth of emotions, your home will be spell binding, not just on the twelfth night but always.

The Twelfth Night is being performed at the Cardiff Castle on 26-27 June.